This documentation outlines everything there is to know about Statbot.
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Just give me the prefix

Statbot's default prefix is s? or S? (not case-sensitive).


This guide serves as a step-by-step introduction to Statbot for community builders and team leaders of all skill levels. Hopefully by the end you'll know everything you need to to begin down your journey of stats awesomeness! However, if you still have any questions, contact us in our support server where our amazing staff will be happy to assist you.

Let's start with some simple questions to help you get familiar with who we are!

What is Statbot?

Statbot is the premier statistics and analytics Discord bot and dashboard for your community. It is an absolute must-have for any server that is serious about its growth and community. When a server has Statbot in it, you know it's aiming to be the best of its kind!

Statbot currently tracks the following stats with more stats coming in the future:

  • Member Count
  • Messages
  • Voice
  • Activity (games, streaming)
  • Status (online, dnd, idle, offline)

Statbot even tracks Message, Voice, per member and per channel. With these stats, you can perform vital actions like finding your most active members to reward them, and determining which channels to delete to reduce clutter in your server and increase engagement!

In addition to tracking, Statbot has tools built to use your statistics in useful and exciting ways! A couple of these features are:

  • Statroles: Automatic role-giving AND removing based on stats over a period of time making sure that only active members have the roles you want.
  • Statdocks: Channels counters like you've never seen them before with clocks, countdowns, members in a role with status, and even counters that use data that Statbot has tracked.

Why Statbot?

"Alone, you're amazing. Together, we're better!"

Community building and managing a team are difficult tasks. Sometimes it can be hard to tell when a decision you're making is based on hard evidence or "just a feeling". Statbot's data makes it easier to make decisions with the peace of mind that they're backed by factual data. It's this data that also allows you to see trends that may lead to drastic improvements to your server.

With Statbot:

  • You won't need to use Discord's search function to count messages per channel or per person without a way to filter out bots;
  • You won't be unsure if one of your mods or admins is actually active in the community or has disappeared;
  • You will be able to provide the best experience for your members and team by using accurate, fact-based evidence for your decisions;
  • You will have access to automated tools to make the most use of your stats and reduce the load on your already busy schedule!

The bot is backed by an amazing team of dedicated individuals, many of which who run our own communities. As your peers fighting the same fight as you, we strive every day to provide you with the best experience and assist in helping you achieve your own success!

From our fantastic support team that's available around the clock to help you with any questions you have;

to a bot running on its own custom Discord API library and powerful hardware for high-uptime and availability;
to a blog for community builders that contains Discord guides and the experiences of other community builders, we are equipped to make communities like yours better!

What Can I Expect?

  • No set up for the most important stats!
  • Simple but powerful Discord commands!
  • A responsive web dashboard built for all devices!
  • Advanced features for power users!
  • High uptime!
  • An amazing support team dedicated to helping you succeed!
  • Constant updates and improvements!
  • And much more!!

Upon inviting the bot, it will immediately begin tracking Message, Voice, Status, and Member Count stats. It's only Activity tracking (e.g. games and applications) that you need to set up which we'll cover in the last part of this guide.

After stats are recorded, you can view those stats through tables and graphs—both through the bot and on your server's personal dashboard.

Tools like Statroles and Statdocks give you ways to use your new stats in creative and exciting ways! Giving roles to only people are consistently active, and watching your member goal countdown tick to 0 signally a new milestone are just two of them. We look forward to seeing what cool ideas you come up with!

Who is Statbot for?

Any community or business that needs detailed data and automated tools.

Statbot is structured to help communities of all shapes, sizes, and interests succeed in the ways they define success. This is evident in the vast amount of access controls and other configuration options that allow you to shape how you, your team, and your community use the bot and dashboard.


If you don't yet know what "success" means to you and your community, join our community builders discussion in the Statbot server for some inspiration!

Statbot or Discord's Server Insights?

This is a common question we get and the answer is simple. Why not both? Server Insights isn't available to servers with less than 500 members; however for those of you that have it, it offers some powerful analytics like: people who have clicked and read channels in the server, and a breakdown of the geographic regions represented in your community. Bots are unable to offer these kinds of stats.

Server Insights is geared towards Discord's Partnership program and therefore defines success on what Discord considers success for their program. It offers no configuration for communities to define what success means to them. Not everyone is worried about being in Server Discovery, and those of you that are can still benefit from what Statbot shows you such as moderator activity and most active members, displaying information with channel counters, and assigning / removing roles based on activity.

Server insights:

  • Does not have drilldown data on channels;
  • Does not have per-member data
  • Does not does not assign roles or display your stats in your server;
  • Does not show status or activity data, you cannot see hourly stats with it;
  • Does not show data in the Discord app itself (you have to go to an external page).

Statbot offers all of this and much more!

The answer is to use all the tools at your disposal to create the best community you can. Server Insights has some thing bots can't do, and Statbot has things that Server Insights likely never will because it's geared towards Discord's Partnership program. If there is overlap in Statbot's and Discord's offerings, go with the one you like the most. (And if that's not Statbot, give us some feedback in our Support Server!)

What about Privacy?

We take your privacy immensely seriously. Not just the privacy of your server, but of each individual community member.

You can find Statbot's Privacy Policy at statbot.net/privacy. To answer one of the more obvious questions, we do not sell the data we collect. Statbot is entirely funded by our premium upgrade system and the many amazing communities and teams that support us through it.

Statbot is compliant with both Discord's official policy regarding bots that track and display data, Developer Terms of Service, and Developer Policies. The short of the statistics bot policy is that all servers' dashboards are default private, and Statbot does not show individual member data to anybody who is not in the server even when the server's Dashboard Level is set to Public. This ensures that community builders and team leaders such as yourself are able to be confident that you're not inadvertently leaking any of your members' data to the internet.

As a server admin, you are able to configure the "publicness" of your server's dashboard. You can flex and show off non-member data to the world, lock the dashboard to only members in the server, or lock it down to just roles that you allow. Statbot's fully-featured RBAC gives you fine control over who can view your server's data.

Individual users can also turn on User Privacy which will completely anonymize them in Statbot's systems. This setting applies retroactively, anonymizing all of their stats in Statbot's system. When a user turns this on, the information tying their stats to them (Discord ID) is set to a dummy user. This means that all servers will keep those stats as part of their aggregated wholes, but the individual user won't be tied to them anymore. This means that you can be sure that your members' privacy is being respected while still having accurate data on channel utilization and other stats.

The only potential Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Statbot stores is usernames and they are encrypted at the database-level. In accordance with GDPR, if a member wants their data removed from Statbot's systems, they may request to do so by contacting us in our [support server][1] on the account they want removed.

Will I Have to Pay for Everything?

No! You may have noticed that there are a lot of upgrade options for supporting Statbot. These upgrades tend to enhance functionality that Statbot already gives you for free. Because there are so many features, this makes for a lot of options! It can be hard to see the forest through the trees so let's take a bird's-eye view:

You'll remember that Statbot tracks messages, voice, activity (games and applications), member count, and status (online, dnd, idle, offline) over time. It also tracks messages and voice per user and channel and gives you access to set filters to filter in and out things like afk voice, bot, specific users, and specific channels. All for free!

Advanced features like Activity Tracking, Channel Counters with Custom Names, Role Based Access Control, Command Flags, CSV Exports, and many others are also all free.

Statbot's approach to premium is as precise as its data. Instead of forcing you to pay for things you don't want or need in a tier system, Statbot gives you the ability to subscribe to only what you want or need for your community. This is why it may seem like there are a lot of premium options. You have the freedom to only pay for what you want!

Statbot tracks more data than Discord's Server Insights including hourly and individual member data. This comes at a hefty price and wouldn't be possible without the great support of the many communities and businesses that support Statbot in our endeavors to help you succeed!

I Want to Try the Bot! What Now?

Now that you know more about Statbot, let's learn how to invite the bot!

Thank you for choosing Statbot!