You can find a simple explanation of the most common settings in the Getting Started guide. This page goes in-depth on all settings and may be too much reading for someone just starting with the bot.

Additionally, the term "Admin" is interchangeable with "Elevated Members".

Bot Settings

Settings that control how the works in the server. Primarily concerned with how commands work.


The prefix used for bot commands in the server.

  • Statbot's default prefix is s? or S? (not case-sensitive).
  • Prefixes can be up to 10 characters long and contain spaces.
  • When a custom prefix is set, it is case-sensitive.

The prefix can be set back to default by leaving it blank on the dashboard; or using the prefix reset command.

You can always ping @Statbot instead of the prefix. ( e.g. @Statbot help )

Show Command Error

Display an error message when the bot prefix is used but no command is found.

When ON, shows the error message in the image below if the bot prefix is used without a valid command. OFF will hide this error message.

This is ON by default to help new communities get accustomed to Statbot.


Feel free to turn this OFF when you're comfortable with the bot.

Command Access Level

Control how members can use commands in the server.


  • All: All members can use all non-Privileged commands. (Default setting.)
  • Restricted: Members can use all non-Privileged commands, but any that accept members as targets ( e.g. s?user @TargetUser ) are restricted to the member running the command.
  • User Locked: Members can only use commands that target themselves.
  • Admin Only: Only Privileged users can use commands.

Below are examples illustrating what commands "UserA" would be able to use at the various levels (without being Privileged, and without an Override Role):

  • All: Member "@UserA" can use s?help, s?user @UserA, and s?user @UserB .
  • Restricted: Member "@UserA" can use s?help and s?user @UserA . Can not use s?user @UserB .
  • User Locked: Member "@UserA" can use s?user @UserA . Can not use s?help and s?user @UserB .
  • Admin Only: Member "@UserA' cannot use any commands unless they are a Privileged user.
AllRestrictedUser LockedAdmin Only
s?user @UserA
s?user @UserB
✓ = UserA can use command
✕ = UserA cannot use command

Override Roles

Members with roles in this list will have access to non-Privileged commands. Has no effect if Command Access Level is set to All.


  • Member @UserA can use all non-Privileged commands regardless of Command Access Level setting.

Command Channels

Control which channels commands non-Privileged users can be used in. This is a easier than managing Discoed permissions and works even when the bot as the Administrator Discord permission.

  • Whitelist: Only these channels can have commands used in them.
  • Blacklist: These channels can't have commands used in them.

Privileged users can always use commands anywhere.

Show Command Header

Display informative text at the top of many stats commands.

Show Command Additions

Display additional time frames with some stats commands such as stats members, stats messages, and stats voice.

Dashboard Settings

Settings that control various information shown on and access to the server's dashboard specifically.

Invite Link

Invite link to the server that appears on the server's Home. Setting this will cause an invite button to appear on your server's dashboard as seen below.



The description shown on the server's Home as seen below. While Statbot is not a listing site, this information will be read by search engines like Google while the server's Dashboard Access Level is set to Public .


Dashboard Access Level


Member-specific data will only be accessible to members in the server even when set to Public.

Controls who can view the server's dashboard. This setting controls views of the pages: Home, Message, Voice, and Presence. Drilldown access is controlled with different settings that you can find under #Access.


  • Public: Anybody can view non-member data on the dashboard.
  • Members Only: Only members currently in the server can view the dashboard.
  • Admin Only: Only Privileged users can view the dashboard. (Default setting.)

Below are examples illustrating if UserA has access to the server's dashboard when having the criteria in the far-left column.

PublicMembers OnlyAdmin Only
Not in Server✓*
In Server, Not Privileged
In Server, Privileged
✓ = User can see dashboard
✕ = User cannot see dashboard
*​ Member data like usernames won't be visible to non-members.

Override Roles

Members with roles in this list will be able to view the server's dashboard at all times. Illustrated below using the same format as before.

PublicMembers OnlyAdmin Only
In Server, Has Override Role


Various time-related configurations mostly pertaining to what data is show in stats.


Settings in this category do NOT affect Statroles or premium Statdocks. These features have their own time-based settings.


Determines the start time of stats shown on the dashboard and bot commands.

There are 3 modes that give you control over the time period that's shown:

  • Days: Show stats this number of days back "now" (the time the dashboard loads or bot command is ran).
  • Date: Show stats starting from a specific date.* Graphs and commands will be blank if this date is in the future.
  • All: Show all of a server's stats.* (Equivalent to a very high Days; or Date set to before Statbot joined the server.)


  • Days set to 10
    - On January 20th, stats will start from 10 days ago ( January 10th )
  • Date set to January 1st, 2020
    - Stats will start from January 1st, 2020
  • All - All the server's history will be displayed*

Note: that graphs may do minor rounding to show full data points, up to a full day when Precision is set to Day. Top tables and other stats will round by an hour at most.


*When setting Date or All, servers without the "History" upgrade will still only be able to view at most 30 days back. This is the same as Days set to 30 which is the limit without "History".


Whether data points on graphs are by Day or by Hour.

Hour requires the "Precision" premium upgrade.

Graph Smoothing

For Message and Voice line graphs, whether or not to fill in 0 where there is no data. (Not counting the most recent data point.)

  • ON: Graphs will smooth out any pockets with 0 messages or minutes.


  • OFF: Graphs will show data points with 0 messages or minutes.



Control what data is shown, from whitelisting and blacklisting channels and members to the various voice states and bots.


These settings don't change the tracking behavior of the bot. They also don't affect Statroles, Statdocks, or any other Statbot features. These settings only control what stats are shown on graphs and commands.


Control what channels appear in stats on the dashboard and bot commands. This allows you to track channels for use with other Statbot features but hide them from general stats. Deleted channels will retain the category they were last in unless manually changed.

Choose between Whitelisting or Blacklisting:

  • Whitelist: Only these channels will be included in graphs and commands.
  • Blacklist: These channels won't be included in graphs and commands.


Control what members appear in stats on the dashboard and bot commands. Useful for removing spammers and dissuading people "farming stats".

Choose between Whitelisting or Blacklisting:

  • Whitelist: Only these members will be included in graphs and commands.
  • Blacklist: These members won't be included in graphs and commands.

Voice States

Voice states that will appear in stats on the dashboard and bot commands.

Generally speaking, only one state will be assigned to minutes even if a member is multiple (e.g. both AFK and Server-Deaf). The following is the order in which the states are checked, with the first one being the one assigned to the minutes as they're being tracked*:

  • AFK: Member is in the voice channel set as the server's AFK channel in Discord settings.
  • Server-Deaf: Member has been deafened by someone with the Deafen Members Discord permission.
  • Self-Deaf: Member has deafened their self.
  • Server-Mute: Member has been muted by someone with the Mute Members Discord permission.
  • Self-Mute: Member has muted their self.
  • Regular: None of the above.

*​ A member who is both AFK and Server-Deaf will be recorded as AFK.

Note: Saving this with no toggles checked will cause all views with voice data to be blank.

Bots & Users

Which members will appear in stats on the dashboard and bot commands.

  • Users: Human users.
  • Bots: Non-human users.

Note: Saving this with no toggles checked will cause all views with member data to be blank.


Settings that control the actual tracking of the bot.


If you don't want the bot to track message or voice in specific channels, make sure that the bot doesn't have the Administrator Discord permission, and deny it the Read Messages (text) or See Channel (voice) Discord permission on the channel you don't want it to track.


Up to 10 activities that the bot will track for the server. One of the few configurations that can only be configured through the dashboard and currently the only tracking that needs to be configured in a server. There is also no way around the limit, but the activity tracking system will change in the future to allow tracking all activities in the Master List.

Activities must be selected from the Master List. This is a manually curated list of activities that allows Statbot to track activities that Discord has not yet given IDs.

Activities without a Discord ID are marked in the list. Without a Discord ID, there is no way to verify that the application is legit (not a different application that the member has been renamed) so take care when assigning Statroles based on these activities.

If you don't see the activity you want in the list, run the show activity @user command on a member while they are interacting with that activity. Copy the output, and paste it in the #🎮-activity-requests channel in the Statbot support server.


Control the broader access and control certain groups of members have.

Elevate Manage Server

Give members with the Manage Server Discord permission the same permissions and access as members with the Administrator Discord permission.

  • ON: These members have unrestricted access to Statbot, including all views and settings except for this setting.
  • OFF: These members are treated as regular members.

This setting is ON by default because members with Manage Server can invite bots and may be in charge of configuring the bot. Turn this OFF if no members with that permission need full access to the bot.

Statbot has an extensive Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system for giving members permissions to specific parts of the system and configurations. You can read more about that here.


These section control the level of access users have to stats. It includes the Command Access Level and Dashboard Access Level settings in addition to Channel Drilldown Roles and Member Drilldown Roles for servers with the relevant upgrades.

Channel & Member Drilldown Roles

Members with roles in these lists will be able to access their respective parts of the dashboard.


Discord policy mandates that only members with at least one of the following Discord permissions be able to view member time-series data. These permissions are: Administrator, Manage Server, and View Server Insights.

Regardless of any other settings, members you want to view the Member or Channel Drilldown pages must have at least one of these Discord permissions.


This section contains the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) functionality of Statbot and is covered in the section dedicated to RBAC.

Location Matrix

This table shows where you can set what settings between the bot and the dashboard. Empty means you cannot access that setting through that means. "Settings Page Category" refers to the left-hand sidebar on the server's Settings page you can find the setting.

Bot CommandSettings Page Category
Show Command Errortoggle showcommanderrorGeneral
Command Access Levelcommands accesslevelGeneral
Command Channelscommands channelsGeneral
Invite LinkGeneral
Dashboard Access LevelGeneral
Graph Smoothingtoggle smoothStats
Channel FiltersfilterchannelsStats
Member FiltersfiltermembersStats
Voice State FiltersfiltervoiceStats
Bots & Users FiltersfilterbotsStats
Activity TrackingStats
Elevate Manage Servertoggle mselevatePermissions


Due to the complexity of the system, all RBAC can only be configured through the dashboard.