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Accurate Statistics

With Message, Voice, Games, and so much more, Statbot gives you detailed statistics that are otherwise impossible to see—even with Discord Insights!

You can access your stats from anywhere whether it be through Discord, or your server's personal web dashboard.

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Channel Counters

Create custom channel counters such as clocks and member goals using Statbot's unique Statdocks.

Statdocks do what others cannot, allowing multiple counters in a single channel! With both powerful Discord and dashboard editors at your fingertips, Statbot's channel counters are the gold standard!

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Roles Using Stats

Traditional level roles are rigid and one-way: users keep their roles forever once obtained, even if they later become inactive.

Statroles are different, using a member's stats over a range of time to reward and remove roles. They make it easy to reward the members who keep coming back to your community!