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Version 2.5 Announcement

· 4 min read

Huge changes are coming to Activity Tracking, Statroles, and more! I dub thee, Version 2.5.

Where was Version 2.4?

So I'm not really good at this whole versioning thing and it basically doesn't matter anyway (half of the developers out there shook their head in disapproval). That said, I suppose it can act as a way to highlight important milestones in Statbot's development. With this in mind, the last update which was a complete re-code of the website from the ground up is definitely worthy of being a version bump.

That update added a light theme, Dashboard Panels, streamline experience in logging and a new /me page, the merging of the previously separate Drilldowns, Drilldowns supporting multiple members / channels, CSV exporting, unlimited top tables, and many, many quality of life updates.

Since then, I've added Channel Aggregation to help servers deal with many temporary channels (automation around coming soon™). Many bug fixes, performance optimizations, and alerting have also been silently introduced. Notice that the bot has been insanely stable lately?

Anyway, that's behind us and you have a lot to look forward to!

What is Version 2.5?

This update includes 3 major parts:

  • Activity Tracking changes
  • Role Filtering
  • Statrole Revamp

A quick note: The Precision Upgrade is being renamed to Data+ to reflect the upcoming changes and pave the way for future expansion. This article will henceforth refer to the upgrade as Data+.

Changes to Activity Tracking

We recently put out a survey asking how you use Activity Tracking (if you even do at all). From the results, we decided it best to handle these changes in two major parts. Before going into those, it's important to inform you of the changes happening in general.

Activity Tracking will become part Data+. As a part of this, there will no longer be a list to select from. Servers with Data+ will be able to turn on Activity Tracking after which the bot will track all activities in the master list we curate, and will do so by member making those stats available for Statroles and possible future additions to Drilldowns, Statdocks, etc.

The two important mentions are:

  • Servers will keep their current Activity Tracking lists. You will no longer be able to add activities to it. The new Activity Tracking setting will replace the list when turned on (since it tracks all activities).
  • Servers with Statroles+ can create an Activity type Statrole without Data+. However, in this case the bot will only track activities that are part of an active Statrole. This limitation does not affect servers with Data+.

I'll highlight that the current Activity type Statroles already require a premium upgrade of some kind. The difference is that they will soon require specifically Statroles+ or Data+ (most servers using an Activity type Statrole already have one of these).

Statrole considerations will be further explained in a future post that goes in-depth about those changes.

Role Filtering

Already configurable on the beta website and through the bot, Role Filtering is exactly as it sounds. Servers with Data+ will be able to filter out members based on their roles from the dashboard, Drilldowns, and Statroles. That's right, Statroles. As part of the upcoming Statrole Revamp, Statroles will leverage the new back-end services to support the same role filtering already present in on the beta dashboard and the bot. This feature comes with the small caveat that Role Filtering works on a member's current roles. As such, servers using this feature may notice historic stats changing as members join / leave roles in the filter. Though this is probably how most people want it anyway.

Statrole Revamp

This deserves its own post and will get one as release draws near. For the time-being, I'll show rather than tell (image at bottom).

When will these changes take effect?

Because the Activity Tracking changes and Role Filtering need to be in place for the new Statroles, those will be coming first.

Activity Tracking changes will take effect Saturday, September 25th, 2021 @ 11:59pm UTC (roughly 10 days from this post). At the same time, Role Filtering will be fully released and the Statrole Revamp will enter beta.

The Statrole Revamp are expected to remain in beta for at least two weeks, release date to be announced at a later time. During this time, servers can manually convert their existing Statroles into the new format. All remaining Statroles will be converted when the revamp is fully released.

Statrole Revamp Preview