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Upcoming Changes - Oct 20th, 2021

· 6 min read

Phase 1 of the Version 2.5 release is complete!

Here's what you need to know to be prepared for Phase 2.


In the last update, I unveiled the major changes made to Activity Tracking, the introduction of Role Filters, and hinted at the Statrole Revamp that's currently in open beta. Now that Activity Tracking and Role Filter have been smoothed out and the new Statroles are nearing the level of quality you came to expect from the current, we'll be moving into phase 2!

Statrole Revamp

Phase 2 is centered on the release of the Statrole Revamp, though there are some other import things that server will want to know about.

What - Statroles Reloaded

It's hard to capture all the features I've added to the new Statroles, so here's a list:

  • Role Filters: That's right. Filter roles on your Statroles so that only people rolling with or without certain roles get the role or have it removed. Just don't Blacklist any Statroles in your Statroles, we have another setting for that! (See Invert Setting)

  • Conditions: Statroles can now have multiple things as a part of their settings. Want a member to meet both a voice and message threshold? Done! Want them to meet either / or? You got it. Want to only give the role to the top 10 members with the most messages but no voice minutes in specific roles that have been in the server for at least 7 days and account age is over 1 year? Yes. And I cannot forget to mention that each Condition has it's own channel, member, and role filters! (There are Global Filters for when you want all the conditions to be in sync.)

    • Match Condition: The thing that allows you to do the crazy stuff mentioned above. Add multiple Conditions under a MATCH - ALL or MATCH - ANY for powerful conditional logic.

    • "Any" Activity Condition: The Activity stat type has been beefed up and now supports "Any Activity". With this, you can give roles to people who stream without needing to select a specific activity. (Requires Data+)

    • Joined Age and Account Age Conditions: In addition to Messages, Voice, and Activities, you can also add Conditions for how long a member has been a part of the server, and how long ago they joined Discord.

    • Invert Setting: Each Condition can be inverted. This flips the Condition's settings on their head.

      Large than 1 becomes less than 1, etc. "Wait! Does that mean inactivity Statroles are a thing now?" YES

    • Lelouch vi Britannia 0: Minimum on Text, Voice, and Activity can all be set to 0 for servers with Statroles+! Inactivity statroles are here! :rooYay:

  • Permanent Setting: Don't want a role to be removed? This is the setting for you! No more awkward 9999 Lookback settings. But wait, what if you want to make changes and refresh members' roles? Just turn Permanent OFF, let the Statrole run, and turn it on again!

  • Notifications: Each Statrole can have notifications sent to a channel of your choice, for either or both when the role is given and removed.

  • Schedule: Statroles used to run every 10 minutes at whatever time that meant. Now they run when you want! Every 10 minutes on the 5th minute; once a day at 12:00; once a week on Friday; the first of every month; it's all possible! Each Statrole can be tailored to run when you want the roles to update.

This is one of those "See it to believe it things" and luckily you can do so on the beta website!

When - Release Date

Statroles will be migrated over to the new system next month on November 20th, 2021. An announcement will be made in the support server closer to when the update is released.

How - Migration

Starting now, you can go to the beta website and use the "Migrate Old Statroles" button to port or existing Statroles into the new system. All migrated Statroles will be OFF by default, so no need to worry about messing anything up.

After migrating your Statroles, you may have to make some corrections with some new minor restrictions that are now in place. One such restriction is that a Discord role can now only be part of 1 Statrole. (You can accomplish the same behavior with the much more versatile Match Condition.)

As the website clearly states, You must Turn Off all old Statroles for the new system to work correctly. The old and new systems may fight with each other if you keep any old Statroles ON. You do not need to delete them.

Any old Statroles that remain during the release date will be automatically migrated to the new system just like the manual process above. If you manually moved your Statroles over, you may want to delete your old ones before release to avoid unnecessary clutter; but since they'll be OFF, it's fine if you don't delete the old ones. A reminder for this will be provided in the announcement shortly before release.

Important Change For Free Servers

The old Statroles update onced every 10 minutes. Unfortunately, this is not sustainable as the system gets more popular and the calculations more intense. Because of this, a poll was announced in the support server asking the community which option free servers would prefer for the change in schedule coming up.

The results are in and they are that free Statroles will now update once every 3 hours, with the limit being 4 Statroles of any combination of Text and Voice. Thank you all who gave your input!

Activity Tracking

To accomodate the new influx of data as a result of the new Activity Tracking, all Activity Tracking will move to Data+ with one exception. Activity Statroles will track for the selected Activity for as long as that Statrole remains ON. This does mean that tracking for that Activity will not occur unless the server also has Data+ and Track Activities activated.

This change will occur at the same time the new Statroles are released, so servers who care about Activity Tracking have the month to decide if Data+ is right for them. (Data+ also gets you access to Role Filters in all features.)