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Version 2.5 Final Reminder

· 4 min read

Version 2.5 is just a few days away, and with it come changes to Statroles and Activity Tracking.

Make sure you're prepared!

Final Call

The Statrole Revamp and Activity Tracking changes go live in a few days on November 20th and we feel it's important to put out a last friendly reminder of what to expect.

Activity Tracking Reminder

Because this was at the bottom of the last post, I have decided to put it upfront here.

To accommodate the new influx of data expected from the new Activity Tracking, all Activity Tracking will move to the Data+ with one exception. Statroles with Activity conditions will track for those Activities so as long as that Statrole remains ON.

Note: The "Any Activity" Statrole condition requires Data+.

Statrole Revamp++

The previous post outlined some of the amazing features now available to you through Statroles; however, even more has been added since then! Those features are:

  • Preview - See how Statbot would modify members' roles without making a single change to your server!
  • Manual Statrole Running - You can now manually run a Statrole up to 3 times a day. This means you can create a Statrole that updates once a week, and run it off-Schedule whenever you need.
  • Statrole Condition - Conditions get even more powerful with the ability to reference other Statroles as conditions. Like all the others, you can also invert this conditions - particularly useful if you want to filter Statroles out of others rather than tinkering around with role filters.
  • Ignore Members - Stop Statbot from modifying a member's role. With this, you can except members that you want to manage yourself without worry of Statbot undoing your changes. You can find it under the "Filters" tab of a Statrole.

As a recap, the other features implemented were:

  • Conditions (now with Joined Age, Account Age, AND / OR logic)
  • Activity condition supports "Any Activity"
  • Condition logic inverting
  • Minimum of 0 now supported (inactivity Statroles)
  • Permanent toggle
  • Notifications
  • Scheduling (using cron)
  • Role Filters

Final Reminder About Migration

For the last couple of weeks, you have been able to migrate your old Statroles on the beta website and using the "Migrate Old Statroles". All migrated Statroles will be OFF by default.

After migrating your Statroles, you may have to make some corrections with some new minor restrictions that are now in place. One such restriction is that a Discord role can now only be part of 1 Statrole. (You can accomplish the same behavior with the much more versatile Match Condition.)

As the website clearly states, You must Turn Off all old Statroles for the new system to work correctly. The old and new systems may fight with each other if you keep any old Statroles ON. You do not need to delete them.

At the time of update, any remaining old Statroles that remain during the release date will be automatically migrated to the new system. Statroles in beta will persist through the update. If you manually moved your Statroles over, you may want to delete your old ones before release to avoid unnecessary clutter; but since they'll be OFF, it's fine if you don't delete the old ones.

Important Change For Free Servers

This was all said in the previous post, but I will say it again here.

The old Statroles update once every 10 minutes. Unfortunately, this is not sustainable as the system gets more popular and the calculations more intense. Because of this, a poll was announced in the support server asking the community which option free servers would prefer for the change in schedule coming up.

The results are in and they are that free Statroles will now update once every 3 hours, with the limit being 4 Statroles of any combination of Text and Voice. Thank you all who gave your input!

A Small Word of Thanks

It has been a lot of work of trial and error to get to this point and I would like to put out a small thank you to all the brave and patient people that have helped to beta test this feature. The Preview function has only recently been implemented, so these servers were taking on some risk with letting this otherwise untested feature manage their server roles. While I took necessary measures to make sure that catastrophic bugs were avoided, there was still obviously some risk.

Thank you very much!

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