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Upcoming Changes - Feb 20th, 2022

· 3 min read

We're nearing the finish line on v2.6 and there are some extremely exciting things now available in beta!

What's New?



The backend work I talked about in the last post has paid off! The Timezone setting is finally making its way to Statbot and is now available on the beta website along with everything else in this post! You can find this under the Settings > Stats page alongside Lookback and Interval (prev: Precision).

Note that for any timezones that are off-hour (e.g. GMT+4.5), historic data will not be 100% accurate since data was only recording according to hour intervals from UTC. This means that data grouping for those timezones will be shifted by 15 to 45 minutes. This probably won't be noticeable, but it's worth mentioning.

The way data is logged has been changed as of a couple days ago on February 18th. You can expect all data going forward to accurately represent the timezone you have selected.

To preempt a question that many of will surely ask, there are no plans to allow for dynamic changing of timezone per-user. This is to ensure that everyone in a server is looking at the same data.


The Timezones setting is currently only available on the beta site and will not affect the production website nor bot.

Drilldown Filter Bar


The Filter Bar from the other pages has made its way to the Drilldowns! This doesn't change much functionality outside of streamline your experience. However, one exciting side-effect is this also brings the Filter Bar's "Relative" time setting to the Drilldowns, which previously only worked on hard set times that had to be updated each time you visited them. This will make using the Drilldowns a fair bit more friendly to frequent viewers.

Unfortunately, this change will break many old saved urls, so be sure to set your filters back up next time you visit the Drilldowns. Coincidentally, there's a new feature to help you with that!

Filter Presets


The new Filter Bar now has server Presets that can be saved. Everyone with access to edit the Filters will be able to load and edit these Presets. Right now, this is anybody with a role configured in the server's Analytics Roles, however better permissions handling will be added soon!

What's Next?

I realized that Statbot's permissions system will need a major rework to handle the permissions I want around the Presets, so that's next on the list. The RBAC system will be receiving a full overhaul to provide a much more familiar experience for you to manage your teams.

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