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Version 2.3 Release!

· 6 min read

It's with great pride that I am announcing the release of Statbot v2.3, the worthy successor to its previous updates!

A Trip Down Memory Lane

It's been a doozy of a time since I've assumed Statbot when it was a little 'un at 8k servers. Now at 10x the size (and much more the data ingress), I, too, feel 10x my own development skills and I hope that we can both continue at this pace~

Taking a look over the past year and a half, it's hard to say that things have been anything but exciting!

Version 2.0 gave us a much needed boost in stability, a brand new website, the advent of an innovative a la carte premium system never before seen with bots, and the two Drilldowns which have become a staple of hundreds of communities.

Version 2.1 brought with it Statroles, a unique take to fill a need that levelling systems: automatically assigning and removing roles based on a members' stats over time. Little did we know that time a year ago that Discord would be placing such importance on retention and engagement that Statroles would become a much needed asset to keep members continuously engaged!

Version 2.2 early this year rolled Statdocks into the grand feature set of Statbot. These powerful channel counters bring much more than any the others to the table with custom multiple stats in a single channel, clocks and goals, members online in a roles, and a web dashboard UI to easily view all of your config items. On top of this, simple config settings like changing a counter name are not pay-walled! Only social media counters and counters leveraging Statbot's own powerful stats require a single dime.

And so that brings us to the long-awaited Version 2.3. The bar has been set high in the past, but I believe that this update exceeds it in every way. I feel that this update is more than just some features, it truly is a milestone. With Partnership and verification requirements now looming over many communities, the tools Statbot grants communities and teams of all shapes and sizes are more valuable than ever!

To the Features and Beyond!

Since there's so much quality of life packed into this update, we'll start with a bulleted list to get our feet wet. If you're in the Statbot server and frequent the update channels, most of this will look familiar to you:

  • Fully-featured Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): Add roles to allow members to edit each and every individual Statbot setting. This even includes Statroles and Statdocks!
  • Permissions Overhaul: Yucky permissions have been replaced with the cool and sleek roles.
  • Audit Logs: Now that more people can have their hands in the jar, these will allow you to see who has been changing what settings. Viewable by admins, this will receive it's own RBAC settings soon!
  • Command and Dashboard Access Levels: Admin and Public toggles have been upgraded to give you finer control over who and what can do what and who where.
  • Command Overhaul: Command responses and structure have been polished for a better experience in Discord.
  • Commands Flags: Already implemented into stats commands and the new rolelist command, flags will allow you to customize the output and behavior of commands.
  • CSV & Excel Exports: You can now download data from the graphs on the site. Coming soon™ to a bot near you.
  • Enhanced Filtering: Voice State and User & Bot toggle filters are now available for general stats on the dashboard and commands. Categories can now be filtered in general stats and Statroles AND Statdocks!
  • Open Premium: Anyone can now contribute to a community by purchasing upgrades for it!
  • Server Owner Premium View: Server owners can now see limited information about subscriptions for their server such as when the upgrades are due to expire. This will help you keep your access to features in light of premium opening up.
  • Documentation: And last but not release, the knowledge base is being replace by this documentation! Much more information to come~

To be completely honest, I'm not even sure if that's everything. There have been many little optimizations and bug fixes. You can read through the list under "Recently Completed" on the development backlog Trello board.

Changes to Privacy Settings

With the new features comes some change for teams that you should be aware of. Some of these are inherent to the replacing of the old system while some are related to Discord bot verification.

  • The old Discord permission system is being replaced by the more flexible RBAC. Admin Only and Public settings have been carried over to their equivalent settings in Command Access Level and Dashboard Access Level respectively however some teams may still need to configure their overrides with the new system.
  • Only members with the Administrator, Manage Server, or View Server Insights permissions will be able to view the drilldown pages regardless of permissions they have been granted in Statbot's system. This is mandated by Discord policy.
  • Also in line with Discord's policy, users not in a server will not be able to view member-specific data (including Top Tables) on a server's dashboard even when that server's dashboard is Public. The only exception is Statbot's server which will show users who have opted into being shown publicly. I'll note that this is something that I strongly support since it furthers protect members in a community from malicious eyes.

If you're in need of assign the View Server Insights permission to a role but do not have Server Insights turned on, you can use the new addinsights <role> command to add the permission to roles of your choosing through the bot!

And Finally, A Thank You

Thank you very much for continuing to be a part of the Statbot team! Regardless of if you're a hobbyist, a business owner, a student, a gamer, a developer, a people person; we all share in working together towards carving out our own little places in this vast digital world and that alone is something to be proud of.