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Managing Channels in Statbot


Statbot keeps channels in its database forever so that you can view them later even after you've deleted them in Discord. Because of this, servers that create many temporary channels will eventually experience increased load times. You can delete these channels from Statbot's systems through Aggregate Channels explained below.

Aggregate Channels

Aggregate Channels are available through the Dashboard. They are special channels that only exist in Statbot's system. They allow you to merge the stats from other channels into them. This is useful when you have many deleted channels that you want to access more easily in Statbot's features.

You may mark channels for deletion (from Statbot) while merging their stats. Deleting channels in this way frees up Statbot resources, and improving load times for your server.

A server is currently limited to a maximum of 50 Aggregate Channels.


Aggregate Channels have as their icon in selection menus.

Aggregate Channel section on the dashboard
Aggregate Channel section on the dashboard

Manage Aggregate Channels

Create and manage the server's Aggregate Channels. You can also assign Discord Category to an Aggregate Channel.


Just as with regular channels (seen below), Aggregate Channels may not be deleted if they contain any stats. To do this, you must merge it into a different Aggregate Channel.

Merge Stats

Merge the stats of multiple channels into an Aggregate Channel. Only one merge can be performed at a time. Please allow up to an hour for the merge to complete. The dashboard will show the progress of any ongoing merges.

The merge process will have you follow these steps:

  1. Select the destination Aggregate Channel
  2. Select the type of stats to merge (Messages and/or Voice)
  3. Search for channels to aggregate
  4. Select whether or not to delete the original channels after merge*
  5. Confirm selection
*Deleting Channels

A channel must meet the following criteria to be deleted

  • Deleted in Discord
  • Have no stats after the merge (both Message and Voice stats)