Commands for minimal creation / controlling of Statdocks.

Usage Key

For commands that accept input, you'll see keys with the following:

  • <required> - parameters between <> must be included with the command
  • [optional] - parameters between [] are optional parameters and may be excluded
  • a | or | b - | means that you can use the parameters on either side of the symbol
  • repeat... - means that you can provide multiple parameters as input

These may be nested. Example: [parameter1 <parameter2>] means that the input is optional, but if you provide parameter1 then parameter2 is required. [parameter...] means that input is optional, and that the input can be any number of parameters.


statdocks setup

Quickly create default channel counters. Provide "y" to skip the confirmation prompt.


s?statdocks setup
s?statdocks setup y


s?statdocks setup
s?statdocks setup y

statdocks create

Create a new Statdock via command. Run the command without any parameters to view a list of presets.

You can create Statdocks using custom text with create custom. You can find many more counters and customization options, such as setting goals and countdowns, on the dashboard!

Presets include: dateUTC, timeUTC, onlinedndidle, members, users, bots, channels, roles


s?statdocks create <preset>
s?statdocks create custom [text]<{{counter #}}>[text]


s?statdocks create users
s?statdocks create dateUTC
s?statdocks create custom
s?statdocks create custom Users: {{19}}
s?statdocks create custom {{25}} Users Online

statdocks update

Manually trigger a Statdock to check for updates outside of the scheduled time.


s?statdocks update statdock update <channel id | single word in channel name> [channels...]


s?statdocks update online // Members Online: 10
s?statdocks update channelAId, channelBId

Does not ignore Discord's 2 updates per 10 minutes rate limit.