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Commands - Tools

Usage Key

For commands that accept input, you'll see keys with the following:

  • <required> - parameters between <> must be included with the command
  • [optional] - parameters between [] are optional parameters and may be excluded
  • a | or | b - | means that you can use the parameters on either side of the symbol
  • repeat... - means that you can provide multiple parameters as input

These may be nested. Example: [parameter1 <parameter2>] means that the input is optional, but if you provide parameter1 then parameter2 is required. [parameter...] means that input is optional, and that the input can be any number of parameters.

Utility commands for grabbing information or doing actions that may not be directly related to Statbot features.


role list tool command example

Count the number of members in the given roles. Optionally, add -file to output to .tsv (tab-separated values) of all the members in the specified role(s).



s?rolelist [roleName | @role | roleId] [role(s)...]

Supported Flags

-file  # output results into .tsv


s?rolelist roleA
s?rolelist roleA roleB
s?rolelist roleAId @roleB roleC
s?rolelist roleA -file


listrole, listroles

Tab-separated is used because the role columns use commas to delineate the roles. You can open tsv files with programs like Google Sheets.

show activity

Get the exact name of the activity/application that a member in the server is currently interacting with. Used when requesting that new activities be added to Statbot's tracking list.



s?show activity 
s?show activity <nickname | username | @user_mention | user_id>


s?show activity 
s?show activity User
s?show activity @User#0000