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Settings - Channel Management

Settings that pertain to managing channels' stats including deleted channels.

Aggregate Channels

Create Aggregate Channels and merge the stats from deleted Discord channels into them. Useful for when a server has many temporary channels filling up filter selections and slowing down the site.

Aggregate Channels appear in stats like normal channels, though often with a folder icon so that you know they are not a real Discord channel.

A server is currently limited to a maximum of 50 Aggregate Channels.

Manage Aggregate Channels

Here you can create and manage your Aggregate Channels. Aggregate Channels can be either Text or Voice. After creating an Aggregate Channel, you can assign a Discord Category to it.

You can also choose to delete the Aggregate Channel. If you do, any stats that were merged into it will also be deleted.

Merge Stats

Merge the stats of multiple channels into an Aggregate Channel. This operation can only be performed on deleted Discord channels and other Aggregate Channels. Merged channels will be erased from Statbot's systems after the merge is complete.

There is a search field provided that takes * wildcards making it easier to find and bulk add channels whose names that follow a pattern.

A confirmation screen will appear after adding channels to the list and clicking "Continue". Only one merge can be performed at a time. The dashboard will show the progress of any ongoing merges.