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Settings - Time

Settings mostly pertaining to what data is displayed in stats based on time.


Settings in this category do NOT affect Statroles or premium Statdocks. These features have their own time-based settings.

Graph Smoothing

For line graphs, whether or not show data points that are 0. (Does not include the most recent data point.)

  • ON: Graphs will smooth out any pockets with 0 messages or minutes.
  • OFF: Graphs will show data points with 0 messages or minutes.

ON img

OFF img


Determines the start time of stats shown on the dashboard and bot commands.

There are 3 modes that give you control over the time period that's shown:

  • Days: Show stats this number of days back "now" (the time the dashboard loads or bot command is ran).
  • Date: Show stats starting from a specific date.* Graphs and commands will be blank if this date is in the future.
  • All: Show all of a server's stats.* (Equivalent to a very high Days; or Date set to before Statbot joined the server.)


  • Days set to 10
    - On January 20th, stats will start from 10 days ago ( January 10th )
  • Date set to January 1st, 2020
    - Stats will start from January 1st, 2020
  • All - All the server's history will be displayed*

Note: Graphs may do minor rounding to show full data points, up to a full day when Precision is set to Day. Top tables and other stats will round by an hour at most.


The History upgrade is required for using stats older than 30 days in all features of Statbot. When setting Date or All, servers without the History upgrade, you will still only be able to view at most 30 days back. This is the same as Days set to 30 which is the limit without History.


Whether data points on graphs are by Day or by Hour. When set to Hour Some graphs on the dashboard like the Status graph will average out data points when zoomed out. Zooming in will reveal more granular data.


Hour requires the Data+ premium upgrade.