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Settings - Tracking

Settings that control the tracking of the bot.


If you don't want the bot to track message or voice in specific channels, make sure that the bot doesn't have the Administrator Discord permission, and deny it the Read Messages (text) or See Channel (voice) Discord permission on the channel(s) you don't want it to track.

Activity Tracking (Premium - Data+)

Control if the bot is tracking activities (games, applications, etc.) for this server. When enabled, Statbot will track all the Activities in the list shown on the dashboard.

Activities without a Discord ID are marked in the list. Without a Discord ID, there is no way to verify that the application is legit (not a different application that the member has renamed) so take care when assigning Statroles based on these activities.

If you don't see the activity you want in the list, run the show activity @user command on a member while they are interacting with that activity. Copy the output, and paste it in the #๐ŸŽฎ-activity-requests channel in the Statbot support server.