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What is Statbot?

Statbot is the premier statistics and analytics bot for Discord and your community. It is the largest statistics bot that tracks the most types of stats for you. Messages, Voice, Activity (games, streaming), Status (online, dnd, idle, offline), and Member Count are all that Statbot currently tracks. Others types like Members In / Out, Invites, and much more will be coming in the future.

It tracks Message, Voice, per member and per channel so you can find yor most active Members and use data when determining which channel to delete to reduce clutter in your server!

A couple of Statbot's powerful tools that you can use with your stats are:

  • Statroles - automatic role-giving AND removing based on stats over a period of time.
  • Statdocks - channels counters like you've never seen them before with clocks, countdowns, members in a role with status, and even counters that user your server's stats.