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Statroles - Overview


In order to avoid confusion, the term "Statrole" will always be used when referring to the Statbot feature. This should not be confused with a Discord "role". These two terms will never be used interchangeably.

What is a Statrole?

Statroles assign and remove roles automatically. A Statrole runs at a Scheduled time and determines what members should or should not have the Discord role based on its Conditions.


  • Give and remove roles from members based on that member's stats (can be made permanent);
  • Have access to Statbot's historic data, allowing you to change settings and immediately see results;
  • Work with Message, Voice, Activity, and other stats;
  • Allow grouping logic so that multiple factors can be used when determining a member's roles;
  • Can be used to give roles to members without stats;
  • and more...


The available Conditions are:

  • Message: Stats from text channels
  • Voice: Stats from voice and stage channels
  • Activity: Game / Application stats
  • Joined Age: How long the member has been in the server
  • Account Age: How old the member's account age is

Additionally, there are two special condition types:

  • Match (Any/All): Groups other conditions and applies "Any" or "All" logic to them
  • Statrole: The results of another Statrole

Limit Types

Message, Voice, and Activity Conditions have a setting called Limit Type. This controls how the Statrole will look at stats when checking the condition.

The different Limit Types are:

  • Threshold: Minimum and Maximum values.
  • Top: The rank of a member in comparison to the others.
  • Day Range: Requires a minimum threshold of activity for a set number of days in a period of time. (e.g. At least 5 messages every day for at least 6 out of 7 days.)

Each Condition has its own settings so you can make sure it matches exactly who you want.

Premium - Statroles+

Servers with Statroles+ gain access to the following Statrole functions:

  • No limit on # of Statroles
  • Multi-condition Statroles with the Match Condition
  • Activity Condition
  • Joined Age Condition
  • Account Age Condition
  • Statrole Condition
  • Top Limit Type
  • Day Range Limit Type
  • Permanent Statroles
  • Notifications
  • Faster role updating
  • Custom scheduling (using cron)

Without Statroles+, a Server will be restricted to 4 Statroles. These Statroles will only have access to the Message and Voice Condition types and the Threshold Limit Type, and will only be able to update once every 3 hours.


History and Data+ will allow you squeeze the most out of your Statroles.

  • Data+
    • Real-Time Caching
    • Role Filters
    • Condition Inverting / Threshold Minimum 0 (inactivity Statroles)
    • "Any Activity" option in Activity Condition

Without Real-Time Caching, Statbot keeps track of whose roles it's changing. It uses this information to more efficiently assign roles.

A role existing on a member before the Statrole was created is not guaranteed to be removed immediately. You are also advised not to manually add or remove a Discord role that is attached to a Statrole from a member unless you plan to add that member to the Statrole's Ignore Members list to avoid confusion.