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Statroles - Overview

Permissions Check!

Make sure Statbot has the following permission to be able to apply roles:

  • Manage Roles — Managing (adding / removing) members' roles.

Additionally, Statbot's highest role must be above the role you want it to manage.


In order to avoid confusion, the term "Statrole" will always be used when referring to the Statbot feature. This should not be confused with a Discord "role". These two terms will never be used interchangeably.

What is a Statrole?

Statroles assign and remove roles automatically. A Statrole runs at a Scheduled time and determines what members should or should not have the Discord role based on its Conditions.


  • Give and remove roles from members based on that member's stats (can be made permanent);
  • Have access to Statbot's historic data, allowing you to change settings and immediately see results;
  • Work with Message, Voice, Activity, and other stats;
  • Allow grouping logic so that multiple factors can be used when determining a member's roles;
  • Can be used to give roles to members without stats;
  • and more...


Statroles require that Statbot have the Manage Roles Discord permission. It further requires that the role you want assigned by Statbot (the role you set in the Statrole settings) is below Statbot's own highest role. This is because Discord restricts users (and bots) from assigning roles higher than their own.


The Statrole page should notify you if the bot doesn't have Manage Roles. It will also prevent you from selecting invalid roles while managing a Statrole. However, people often move roles around in Discord and so always double-check that the Discord roles are in the proper positions when troubleshooting Statroles.



Statroles is one of Statbot's most intensive features and therefore requires a large amount of resources to run. By supporting Statbot through Statroles+, you'll unlock Statroles' full capabilities!

Servers with Statroles+ gain access to the following Statrole features

  • No limit on # of Statroles
  • Multi-condition Statroles with the Match Condition
  • Activity Condition
  • Joined Age Condition
  • Account Age Condition
  • Compare Condition
  • Statrole Condition
  • Top Limit Type
  • Day Range Limit Type
  • Permanent Statroles
  • Notifications
  • Faster role updating
  • Custom scheduling (using cron)

Without Statroles+, a server is restricted to 4 Statroles. These Statroles will only have access to the Message and Voice Condition types and the Threshold Limit Type, and will only be able to update once every 3 hours.


History and Data+ will allow you squeeze the most out of your Statroles.