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Statdocks - Overview


Statdocks are what most people know as Discord "Channel Counters"; however, the name is different for a reason. Statdocks may contain multiple counters, such as counters for Online, DnD, and Idle counts all in the same channel name. "Statdock" will refer to the channel and the configurations, while "Counter" will refer to a specific stat that can be shown in a Statdock.

What is a Statdock?

Statdocks are Discord channels that display various information about your server, social media, and stats that Statbot has tracked. The result is something similar to "hoisting" roles in a server (displaying separately from other roles), but using these stats instead.

With the amount of customization available in each Counter type, Statbot has well over 50 Counters that you can mix and match. Renaming counters is completely free, so you're free to call them whatever you want. You can also add multiple Counters to a single Statdock’s name, with a limit of 4 counters per Statdock.

This is made possible with the editor available on your server's dashboard under Manage (Settings) > Statdocks. This one-of-a-kind editor offers a way to effortlessly add, edit, and delete Statdocks and the Counters in them.

You can see just some of the many Statdocks you can make in the example below.

Counter Name
  1. Date & Time
  2. Date & Time
  3. Members in Role (x2 + Status filters)
  4. Members in Role
  5. Members in Role
  6. Users
  7. Users (+ goal)
  8. Status (x3)
  9. Members in Role
  10. Activity Members
  11. Activity Type Members
  12. Stat Top (Premium)
  13. Stat Count (Premium)
  14. Stat Change (Premium)
  15. YouTube Subscriber Count (Premium)

Premium - Statdocks+

Servers with Statdocks+ gain access to the following Statdock functions:

  • Faster updating (every 6 minutes).
  • On-interval updates (ex. 0:10, 0:20, 0:30, etc.)
  • Stat Count Counter
  • Stat Average Counter
  • Stat Change Counter
  • Stat Top Counter
  • YouTube Subscriber Count
  • Reddit Subscriber Count
  • Twitter Follower Count


History will allow you squeeze the most out of your premium Statdocks.