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Controlling Access to Statbot


Some Statbot features require certain Discord permissions even if users are granted permissions with settings below. You are advised to read carefully.

"Role-Based Access Control" (RBAC) is the process of allowing / denying someone the ability to read or modify settings based on a role they are given. You are using RBAC when you change the permissions that members in your server have by changing what permissions their roles have.

Statbot's Role Permissions also works using the roles you give members in Discord. You can find it through the /settings command under Role Permissions, or on the Dashboard under Settings > Permissions > Advanced (Roles).


Just like Discord, users with the Administrator Discord permission bypass all permissions checks. If you want to restrict a member's access, do not give them the Administrator permission. Related to this is the Elevate Manage Server setting.

Settings Permissions

These permissions allow members to change certain settings.

PrefixPrefix Disabled Prefix
Command Access*Command Access Level Command Channels Show Command Error
Dashboard Access*Dashboard Access Level
TimeLookback Timezone Interval Voice Interval
FiltersUsers & Bots Voice States Channel Filter Member Filter Role Filters Activity Filter
Activity TrackingActivity Tracking
Data ManagementAggregate Channels

* These are different than the "Overrides" found below.

Access Permissions

These permissions grant members access to Statbot features.

Command Access OverrideMember ignores the Command Access Level and Command Channels settings.
Dashboard Access OverrideMember ignores the Dashboard Access Level. setting.
Analytics & Drilldowns*Member can access the Drilldowns pages, change Dashboard Filters, and download CSVs.
Filter PresetsRead — Member can use saved Filter Presets; Modify — Member can create and delete Filter Presets.
*Drilldown Access

Discord Policy mandates that members must have at least one of the following Discord permissions be able to view the data found in Drilldowns

  • Administrator
  • Manage Server
  • View Server Insights

Therefore a member must have one of those permissions and a role with Analytics & Drilldowns in order to access Statbot's Drilldowns and related features.


Setting Filter Presets permission to Read lets members load saved Filter Presets independent from their Drilldowns access. This allows admins to set up Filter Presets that other members can load—without giving those members the Analytics & Drilldowns and related Discord permissions.