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Statroles - FAQ


How often do Statroles update?

Each Statrole its own Schedule you can configure. The fastest a Statrole can update is once every 10 minutes.

Can I use Statroles as an "XP" system?

Technically, yes. However, there is no ability to add or remove stats from members nor are there any cooldowns on acquiring stats.

Can I use the same Discord role on multiple Statroles?

No. The Match - ANY Condition is how to apply the role to members based on varying, non overlapping Conditions.

Can I assign a role to members with no (0) stats?

Yes! Just set Threshold Minimum and Maximum to 0.

Why are roles greyed out in the menu?

The bot can only assign roles that are under its highest role in Discord. Additionally, you will not be able to set roles above your own highest role unless the Allow Statrole Above User Role setting is ON in the Settings > Permissions menu. Finally, A Discord role can only be used on one Statrole at a time.

Where can I see what features are planned?

Development Trello Board