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Statroles - Setup


Because of their complexity, Statroles can only be set up through the Dashboard. Statroles has a tab on the server's Settings page.

Statrole Settings Page

Creating a Statrole

Click "+ Add" on the Statrole Settings page to enter the editor. Here, you will need to configure some of the settings before Previewing and Saving the Statrole.

Required Settings

The following settings are required and viewable on the General tab of the Statrole editor.

  • Name: For display on the Settings page and when viewing Statroles as a part of the Statrole Condition.
  • Role: The Discord role that Statbot will assign / remove. A Discord role can only be used by a single Statrole.
  • Conditions: The logic / rules that Statbot will use when calculating who should have the Statrole. Each Statrole must have at least one non-Match Condition.

Important Settings

Other settings that you might want to know about are:

  • Schedule: Under the Advanced tab, this controls when a Statrole will run. This defaults to once every 3 hours. Schedule accepts any cron expression that is not more frequent than once every 10 minutes.
  • Filters: Statroles and individual Conditions have many filters available to them under the Filters tab. By default, all Conditions are linked to the Statrole's Sync Filters, however you can turn these off and manage the Filters per-Condition.
  • Ignore Members: A special filter that will prevent Statbot from adding or removing the role on a member.


The editor has you to Preview the actions Statbot would take without the bot actually making those changes. Preview shows the changes Statbot would make rather than just the people who match the roles so that you can easily see the impact running the Statrole will have.

Preview becomes available when all required settings are filled in and there are no errors. You are required to Preview the Statrole before you save it. This ensures that the changes the bot makes are expected and that no misconfigurations slip by.


Preview shows results at the time that the Preview is ran. The results may change depending on the stats available when the Statrole actually runs, determined by its Schedule.

Saving & Manual Run

Saving a Statrole does not immediately run it. If you would like to have the bot make the changes immediately, after you save it you can click "Modify" on it in the Statrole Settings page, and then "Run Now". You will be prompted for confirmation and notified of how many runs that Statrole has left for the day.


A Statrole can be ran manually 3 times each UTC day.

Turning On / Off

Statroles can be turned On and Off, denoted by the Status "On" and "Off" respectively. Turning "Off" a Statrole will stop the bot from running that Statrole but keep it cached so it can be resumed later without issue. This allows to you temporarily stop a Statrole without needing to remove the Discord role from everyone when you resume it.