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Statrole - Settings Overview


Statroles are made up of Conditions which individually compute and check member stats. The settings on this page apply to the whole Statrole. Conditions have their own settings found in the Conditions section of these docs.


These settings are required by all Statroles.

  • Name — The name displayed on the Statrole Settings page and in the dropdown for the Statrole Condition.
  • Role — The Discord role that Statbot will assign / remove. A Discord role can only be used by a single Statrole.
  • Conditions — The logic / rules that Statbot will use when calculating who should have the Statrole. Each Statrole must have at least one non-Match Condition.


Overall filters that will apply to the final results of the Conditions.

  • Apply To — Controls if the Statrole applies to Users (humans), Bots, or both.
  • Ignore Members — Prevents Statbot from adding or removing the role from a user. This is different than a condition's Member Filter because
  • Permanent — When "ON", Statbot will not remove the role even when a member no longer matches its Conditions.
  • Schedule — Controls when the Statrole runs. Select from a preset list of options, or input your own cron expression that is no more frequent than every 10 minutes.

Conditions have their own filters located under their respective Filters tab.


A Statrole's Schedule does not guarantee when the Statrole runs and when roles will be applied. Hundreds of Statroles may be running and queued at a given point in time. Both limitations in computing resources and Discord rate limits may affect when a specific Statrole runs and when roles changes are applied after calculations are complete.



Notifications are part of the Statroles+ Upgrade!

Configure a message to send when the bot gives and/or removes the role from a user.

Statroles integrates with, a free service that allows you to create beautiful and engaging messages for your Discord server.

To create messages for your Statroles, first login to From there, you can create your message however you please in message builder. When your message is complete, use the Actions menu Save as... to save your message. (Shortcut: shift+ctrl+c) Be sure to select your server in the save menu.

Your message will now be visible in Statbot's Statrole editor. You may need to refresh the select menus using the in the Statrole menu.

After selecting your messages, there are additional settings to control how Statbot sends notifications.

  • Channel / Private Message (DM) — Select between sending notifications to a channel and/or thread, or DM members with an optional fallback channel.
  • Suppress mentions / pings — Don't ping users or roles when sending notifications. Mentions inside embeds never ping. @everyone and @here is always suppressed.
  • Group notifications — When assigning or removing role from multiple users, send a single message instead of one per user. This doesn't have any effect on notifications sent to DM's. Any {{user}} will be replaced a list of the users affected.

The message will be sent by Statbot, ignoring the avatar and username set on the message in