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Statrole - Settings Overview

Settings are broken up into 3 sections, each with its own page in the editor: General, Filters, and Advanced.


  • Name: The name displayed on the Statrole Settings page and in the dropdown for the Statrole Condition.

  • Role: The Discord role that Statbot will assign / remove. A Discord role can only be used by a single Statrole.

  • Conditions: The logic / rules that Statbot will use when calculating who should have the Statrole. Each Statrole must have at least one non-Match Condition.


  • Apply To: Controls if the Statrole applies to Users (humans), Bots, or both.

  • Sync Channel Filters: Controls all Conditions' Channel Filters from a single spot.

  • Sync Member Filters: Controls all Conditions' Member Filters from a single spot.

  • Sync Role Filters: Controls all Conditions' Role Filters from a single spot.

  • Ignore Members: Prevents Statbot from adding or removing the role from a user.


A Sync Filter must be "OFF" in order to access individual Conditions' Filters of that type.

Turning a Sync Filter "ON" will overwrite any Condition's Filters of that type. The settings in the Sync Filter will persist in existing conditions when Sync is turned "OFF". This can make it easier to make broad changes to Filters, but any exceptions will need to be changed again.


  • Permanent: When "ON", Statbot will not remove the role even when a member no longer matches its Conditions.

  • Send Notifications: Send a message in a channel when the bot gives and/or removes the role from a user.

  • Schedule: Controls when the Statrole runs. Has a preset list of options, but also accepts a cron expression that is no more frequent than every 10 minutes.


A Statrole's Schedule does not guarantee when the Statrole runs and when roles will be applied. Hundreds of Statroles may be running and queued at a given point in time. Both limitations in computing resources and Discord rate limits may affect when a specific Statrole runs and when roles changes are applied after calculations are complete.

Real-Time Caching

On the Statroles main page where all your Statroles are listed, there's a toggle called Real-Time Caching. For performance reasons, Statbot keeps track of the roles it gives and removes in its own system. This means that if the role is given or removed by another source (you or a different bot), Statbot won't know about it. This makes it difficult to integrate Statroles with other systems.

In other words, with this setting Statbot will be unable to remove roles that it did not give itself. Without it, a member would have to first meet the Statrole's requirements (to be given the role), and then no longer meet them for the role to be removed.

Real-Time Caching stores a cache of your members' roles and updates it in real-time making it so that your Statroles always have accurate information to work with when determining what to add and remove.