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Dynamic Dashboard Query Filters

Permissions Check!

Members must have access to Drilldowns to interact with the Dashboard Query Filters.

The Dashboard Query Bar exist at the top of all the stats Dashboard pages. It is made up of two parts

  • Dashboard Filters (sometimes "Dashboard Query Filters")
  • Filter Presets

While related to the filters found in Settings, this feature is separate from them.

Dashboard Filters

Located on the left side of the query bar, Dashboard Filters allow members with the proper permissions to dynamically change filters without affecting the server's overall settings. This gives you a level of control when viewing stats that you won't find in any other bot.

Filter changes persist across pages and even refreshing the website (so long as the url is not changed), letting you seamlessly pivot between views. This is particularly useful when pivoting between Drilldowns.

A special feature of the Dashboard Query Bar is that it saves the filters to the URL as you change them. This means that you can copy the link and send it to other members to share what you found. Similarly, members with permission to Modify Presets can save Filter Presets for use later.

Filter Presets

Located on the right side of the query bar, Filter Presets are saved queries that any member with the Read Presets permission can load. These are great for saving queries for later, and sharing queries amongst the team.

Creating a new preset

Saving presets is extremely easy

  • Set up the Dashboard Filters you want to save
  • Open the Filter Presets dropdown
  • Select "Save As..."
  • Give your new preset a name
  • Hit enter or click the button!

Deleting a preset

To delete a preset, load it and then click the icon.

Editing a preset

As for editing a preset, the best way to do that would be to load in the old one, make your changes, and then save it as a new one. You may then go back and delete the old one.


Presets saved on the Channel and Member Drilldowns will also save the channels / members you have loaded into the page. These presets are separate from the others in the dropdown list.