Invite the Bot


You must have the Manage Server or Administrator permission to add a bot to a server.

Steps to Invite

Just 4 easy steps away from tracking. Let's go!

1. Click the Link



(Login to Discord if you're not already logged in.)

2. Select a Server


3. Choose Default Permissions

Select permissions that you want to give the bot by default. You can always change these in Discord. Here's a quick list of what Statbot does with each one:

  • Administrator: Not required. Gives all permissions so you don't have to worry about them! Bot will also see all channels to begin tracking immediately.
  • Manage Roles: Assigning and removing roles for Statroles (automatic roles based on stats).
  • Manage Channels: Creating and editing channel names for Statdocks (channel counters).
  • View Audit Log: Allows the Statbot to give whoever invited it a nice welcome message upon joining the server!
  • Read Messages: Track messages and respond to commands.
  • Send Messages: Respond to commands.
  • Embed Links: Respond to commands. All commands use tidy embeds which require this permission.
  • Attach Files: Send graphs and .csv files with relevant commands.
  • Connect: Editing channel names for Statdocks (channel counters).

4. Authorize


And you're done! Click here to read about how to set up the bot or watch the video demonstration below!

Additional Material

Video Demonstration

This video explains how to add any bot to Discord, using Statbot as an example.