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Premium Upgrade Matrix


Explanations for all the Premium Upgrades can be found here.

If you're still unsure about if what you want is in an upgrade, hopefully this will help. If you still have any questions, reach out to us in the support server and we'll be happy to answer them!

ToolUpgrade FeatureHistoryDrilldownsData+Statroles+Statdocks+
All ToolsStats / Lookback older than 30 days
All Tools1 Message History Sync credit✓*
DashboardUnlimited members in tops (Top Tables and /top)
DashboardCSV Exports
DashboardAnalytics page
DashboardChannel Drilldown page
DashboardMember Drilldown page
All ToolsRole Filters
DashboardHeatmap graph type
Activity Tracking
StatrolesCondition inverting (inactivity Statroles)
Statroles"Any Activity" Activity Condition option✓**
StatrolesNo Statrole limit
StatrolesAdvanced Conditions (Activity, Compare, Joined Age, Account Age, Statrole)
StatrolesCondition grouping (Match Condition)
StatrolesAdvanced Limit Types (Top, Day Range)
StatrolesPermanent Statroles
StatrolesRole notifications
StatrolesFaster Statrole updating
StatrolesCustom Statrole scheduling
StatdocksFaster Statdock updating
StatdocksNo update offset
StatdocksStatbot stats counters (Average, Count, Change, Top)
StatdocksSocial media counters (YouTube, Reddit, Instagram)

* A credit is only awarded the first time History is activated for a server. ** "Any Activity" option requires that the server have both Data+ and Statroles+ in order to track all activities and create an Activity Condition.