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Statdocks - FAQ

How often do Statdocks update?

Statdocks created through the bot update every 10 minutes. You can set this when creating and editing Statdocks on the website.

Can I make Statdocks not voice channels?

Not currently, though it is planned to allow the designation of text channels and messages instead of voice channels.

How do I get the lock icon?

Administrators can join all voice channels therefore they appear as speakers with a small lock. Anybody who cannot join the channel will see it as a large lock.

How do I delete a Statdock?

The easiest way is to delete the Discord channel. However, the configuration will remain on your server's Settings page and will continue to count towards the server's 50 Statdock limit.

Can I move my Statdocks such as to other categories?

Yes! Just be mindful of the permission. Statbot requires See Channel, Manage Channel, and Connect to edit the channel name. It adds itself as a user overwrite to the channel so the Statdock will be fine if you don't change / sync its permissions to a category.

Can Statdocks update any faster than every 10 minutes / 6 minutes?

No. Discord rate limits prevent bots from editing channel names any faster than twice every 10 minutes.

Can I manually update a Statdock?

Yes, you can with the statdock update. Note that this command cannot ignore the rate limit above.

How do I add emojis to my Statdocks?

Emojis you see are often from a standard set of emojis. There are many sites that are repositories for these. One you might use is

Where can I see what features are planned?

Development Trello Board