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General usage commands that anybody can use.


Displays most commands at a glance. Also gives you the server's prefix and marks which commands (or command categories) require special permissions to use.

Statbot doe not have "modules" like some bots do. The categories are just for organizational purposes.

To find out more about a different command, run help <command> replacing <command> with one of the commands listed below. You can also do <command> help for the same information!

Using a command incorrectly will often print out its help menu.


Displays a list of command aliases. You can use an alias instead of the full command.

Example: s?mem = s?stats member

Current aliases:

  • aliases: alias
  • channelfilter: cf filterchannel
  • commandchannels: cc commandchannel
  • commandlevel: cl
  • commandroles: cr commandrole
  • dashboardlevel: dl
  • dashboardroles: dr dashboardrole
  • info: link links
  • lookback: lb period history timerange
  • memberfilter: mf filtermember
  • policy: privacy
  • rolelist: listrole listroles
  • statdocks: statdock counter counters
  • stats channel: ch chan channel channels
  • *stats me: me
  • stats members: members memberflow member mem mems
  • stats messages: m msg msgs message messages
  • stats server: server stat s
  • stats top: top t tops
  • stats user: user u
  • stats voice: v vc voice

*stats me is a special command that acts as an alias for stats user, stats messages, and stats voice.




Shows some information about the bot and has links to common resources to help you use the bot.


link, links


DMs the bot's invite link.


Simple ping / pong command to show the bot's latency. This will be the time between the first message and the bot receiving that same message event from Discord (after which it will edit the message with that time in milliseconds).


Provides a link to Statbot's Privacy Policy.




Provides a link to Statbot's support server.


Toggles User Privacy for the user running the command. User Privacy anonymizes a user's stats so that message, voice, and activity stats are not traceable back to them. This feature is retroactive, anonymizing all past history of the user when turned on.

Because the data is "anonymized" and not "deleted", servers keep the raw stats for its own purposes. However, this means that features like Statroles will not be able to be applied to that user.


Provides a link to upvote Statbot on a bot listing website.


Displays the message that is sent to those who invite the bot. When being invited, this message will only be sent if the bot was given the View Audit Log permission.