History Upgrade


Upgrades can be purchased on the upgrade page by any member of a server. For less than a cup of coffee of month, you can support both Statbot and your own or your favorite community!


Premium upgrades are an important part of Statbot for both us running it and you as a user of its tools and services. Statbot processes and stores the data for many tens of thousands of servers. This requires upkeep that would otherwise be impossible without the continued support of our Premium subscribers.

By contributing to Statbot, you are among the few that keep this great system available for the many, and you are rewarded in return! Below are the upgrades that you may receive for supporting Statbot. Thank you for your consideration!

At A Glance

There are six upgrades available:

  • History: Data older than 30 days is accessible throughout the rest of Statbot.
  • Precision: Hourly stats and new graphs around it such as heatmaps.
  • Drilldowns: New dashboard pages that give a detailed view of member and channel stats.
  • Statroles+: Unlimited Statroles and 3 additional Limit Types.
  • Statdocks+: 6 more Statdock counters, including all of the ones that can display stats tracked by Statbot.

Each upgrade may be better for some servers than others, while others are suited for everyone and can even enhance other upgrades. Read the descriptions below to find out more and which upgrades may be best for your team and community!

Choose What You Want

Statbot's premium system may be different than what you've seen from other bots. We allow you to pick and choose your server's upgrades. This gives you the freedom to only pay for what you want and even split the load across multiple people.

You are rewarded the more you contribute. As you add more upgrades to your subscription and subscribe for longer, you get stacking discounts which can get you over 25% off when all is said and done!



History is the staple for any Statbot veteran. It allows you to configure your server’s Lookback setting and other features to use data all the way back to when you first added Statbot.

This upgrade is special in that it increases the value of all Statbot features. If you are considering supporting Statbot in any way, the History upgrade is the perfect compliment to all the others!


Servers without this upgrade are limited to 30 days Lookback for all settings and features.


Precision allows you to view the server's stats by the hour, and grants access to additional graph views like heatmaps. This results in intraday data- seeing how your community engagement is hour-to-hour rather than just by day.

This upgrade is particularly useful when trying to see peak activity hours of your server for knowing when to assign moderators. It's also great for correlating server activity with events such as major game patches and live-streams.



Update coming Soon™.

Member Drilldown and Channel Drilldown unlock new dashboard pages that allow you to view in-depth information about member activity and activity in specific channels respectively.

When entering the Discord ID of a member into Member Drilldown, the dashboard will load a breakdown of the channels and other data that member has participated in, divided by Message and Voice.

When entering the Discord ID of a channel into Channel Drilldown, the dashboard will load a breakdown of members that have participated in that channel. Both of these upgrades also allow quick access to drilldowns of member/channels from other dashboard pages.

Updates are coming that will allow searching by name, searching multiple members / channels at the same time, and much more!


Statroles+ unlocks the ability to make as many Statroles as you want and access to the three other Limit Types:

  • Average: Set Min / Max on average messages per day rather than plain Threshold.
  • Top: Assign roles to a range of members from Nth place to Mth place. (e.g. 1st place to 10th place) Max 50.
  • Day Range: Require a certain amount of stats for a certain amount of days within the Lookback. (e.g. 5 messages a day for at least 5 days of 7) You can read everything there is to know about Statroles here.


Statdocks+ unlocks 6 additional counter types and removes the Check Frequency offset that free servers are subject to.

  • Stat Count: Sum of Statbot stats.
  • Stat Average: Average of Statbot stats over time.
  • Stat Change: Change of Statbot stats from one time period to the next.
  • Stat Top: Top member or channel determined with Statbot stats.
  • Reddit Subscriber Count: Subscriber count of a Subreddit.
  • YouTube Subscriber Count: Subscriber count of a YouTube channel. YouTube subscriber count is rounded to, at most, 3 significant digits. This is a limitation of YouTube itself. How to find your Channel ID.


Per Member Activity Tracking

In addition to the upgrades you choose to add to your server, you will also permanently unlock individual member activity tracking.

This means that games / applications that the server has configured for tracking will begin to track per member for viewing in future graphs like on the Member Drilldown page. This will continue even when all subscriptions on the server expire.


How do I view / cancel my subscription?

Log into the website, click your user profile in the top-right, and go to Subscriptions. Likewise, if you are already logged in you can go directly to https://statbot.net/subscriptions.

How do I view my server's subscriptions?

Active upgrades will be glowing gold on the server's Settings > General page. On this same page, server owners will see a "Subscriptions" menu on the sidebar. This is an anonymous view of subscriptions the server has and when they'll expire. The owners of the subscriptions are not visible.

Do you offer refunds?


Is there a trial option?

Not currently.