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Settings - Bot

Settings that control how the works in the server. Primarily concerned with how commands work.

Command Access Level

Control how members can use commands in the server.


  • All: All members can use all non-Privileged commands. (Default setting.)
  • Restricted: Members can use all non-Privileged commands, but any that accept members as targets ( e.g. s?user @TargetUser ) are restricted to the member running the command.
  • User Locked: Members can only use commands that target themselves.
  • Admin Only: Only Privileged users can use commands.

Below are examples illustrating what commands "UserA" would be able to use at the various levels (without being Privileged, and without an Override Role):

  • All: Member "@UserA" can use s?help, s?user @UserA, and s?user @UserB .
  • Restricted: Member "@UserA" can use s?help and s?user @UserA . Can not use s?user @UserB .
  • User Locked: Member "@UserA" can use s?user @UserA . Can not use s?help and s?user @UserB .
  • Admin Only: Member "@UserA' cannot use any commands unless they are a Privileged user.
AllRestrictedUser LockedAdmin Only
s?help โœ“โœ“โœ•โœ•
s?user @UserAโœ“โœ“โœ“โœ•
s?user @UserBโœ“โœ•โœ•โœ•
โœ“ = UserA can use command
โœ• = UserA cannot use command

Override Roles

Members with roles in this list will have access to non-Privileged commands. Has no effect if Command Access Level is set to All.


  • Member @UserA can use all non-Privileged commands regardless of Command Access Level setting.

Command Channels

Control what channels commands can be used in. Privileged Users are not affected. This is a easier than managing Discord permissions and works even when the bot as the Administrator Discord permission.

  • Whitelist: Only these channels can have commands used in them.
  • Blacklist: These channels can't have commands used in them.

Privileged Users can always use commands anywhere.


The prefix used for bot commands in the server.

  • Statbot's default prefix is s? or S? (not case-sensitive).
  • Prefixes can be up to 10 characters long and contain spaces.
  • When a custom prefix is set, it is case-sensitive.

The prefix can be set back to default by leaving it blank on the dashboard; or using the prefix reset command.

You can always ping @Statbot instead of the prefix. ( e.g. @Statbot help )

Show "Command Not Found" Error

Display an error message when the bot prefix is used but no command is found.

When ON, shows the error message in the image below if the bot prefix is used without a valid command. OFF will hide this error message.

This is ON by default to help new communities get accustomed to Statbot.


Feel free to turn this OFF when you're comfortable with the bot.

Show Command Header

Display informative text at the top of many stats commands.

Show Command Additions

Display additional time frames with some stats commands such as stats members, stats messages, and stats voice.