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Settings - Permissions

These section controls the level of access users have to stats. It includes the Command Access Level and [Dashboard Access Level] settings in addition to Channel Drilldown Roles and Member Drilldown Roles for servers with the Drilldowns upgrade.

Elevate Manage Server

Give members with the Manage Server Discord permission the same permissions and access as members with the Administrator Discord permission.

  • ON: These members have unrestricted access to Statbot, including all views and settings except for this setting.
  • OFF: These members are treated as regular members.

This setting is ON by default because members with Manage Server can invite bots and may be in charge of configuring the bot. Turn this OFF if no members with that permission need full access to the bot.

Statbot has an extensive Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system for giving members permissions to specific parts of the system and configurations.

Allow Statrole Above User Role

Allow members to select a role higher than their own, when editing Statroles.

  • ON: Members can select roles higher than their own highest role
  • OFF: Members cannot select their own role or any higher roles in the list.

The selected Discord role must still be below the bot's highest role.

Channel & Member Drilldown Roles (Premium - Drilldowns)

Control what members can see the Drilldowns based on their roles. (Separate controls for Member and Channel Drilldowns.)


Discord policy mandates that only members with at least one of the following Discord permissions be able to view member time-series data. These permissions are: Administrator, Manage Server, and View Server Insights.

Regardless of any other settings, members you want to view the Member or Channel Drilldown pages must have at least one of these Discord permissions.