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Settings - Permissions


Statbot has an extensive Role Permissions feature for tailoring member permissions based on their roles.


These settings provide high-level control over the access that users have to stats and features.

Elevate Manage Server

Give members with the Manage Server Discord permission the same permissions and access as members with the Administrator Discord permission.

  • ON — Like Administrators, members with Manage Server have unrestricted access to Statbot.
  • OFF — Members with Manage Server are treated as regular members.

This setting is ON by default because members with Manage Server can invite bots and may be in charge of configuring the bot. Turn this OFF if no members with that permission need full access to the bot.

Allow Statrole Above User Role

Allow members to select a role higher than their own when editing Statroles.

  • ON — Members can select roles higher than their own highest role
  • OFF — Members cannot select their own role or any higher roles in the list.

When managing a Statrole, the selected Discord role must still be below the bot's highest role.

Command Access Level

Control how members can use commands in the server. Overridden by Override Command Access.


  • All — All members can use all commands.* (Default setting.)
  • Restricted — Members can use all commands, but any that accept users as options are restricted to the member running the command.
  • User Locked — Members can use only commands that target themselves.
  • Admin Only — Only members with Administrator access can use commands.

* Commands not requiring Administrator access.


The table below illustrates what commands "@UserA" would be able to use at different Levels.

/user @UserB/help/me
User Locked
Admin Only
✅ = UserA can use command
❌ = UserA cannot use command

This assumes that the user does not have Administrator access, nor any roles with Override Command Access.

Command Channels

Control what channels s?prefix commands are allowed in. Leave empty to allow s?prefix commands in all channels.

  • Whitelist — Only these channels can have commands used in them.
  • Blacklist — These channels can't have commands used in them.

Access to /slash commands is controlled through the server's Discord settings under Integrations.

Dashboard Access Level

Control who can view the server's dashboard. This setting controls views of the pages: Overview, Message, Voice, Status, and Activity. Drilldown access is further controlled with Role Permissions. Overridden by Override Dashboard Access.


Member-specific data will only be accessible to members in the server, even when this is set to Public.


  • Public — Anybody can view non-Member data on the dashboard.
  • Members Only — Only members currently in the server can view the dashboard.
  • Admin Only — Only members with Administrator access can view the dashboard. (Default setting.)

The table below illustrates what a person online can access at different Levels.

Not in serverIn server (not Administrator)Administrator
Members Only
Admin Only
✅ = User can see dashboard
❌ = User cannot see dashboard

*​ Member data like Top Members won't be visible to non-members.

This assumes that the user does not have any roles with Override Dashboard Access.

Role Permissions

Role Permissions is an advanced topic that you can read about here.