Getting Started: Dashboard


Sometimes firewalls such as those on corporate networks will prevent you from accessing or logging into the website. The easiest way to check is to try to access the site from a device on a different network such as a mobile device. While unstable, the beta website may allow you to connect and is another option to try. VPNs may be another option, but may also be the cause of the problem if you are using one.

Navigating the Site

When you invite the bot, the bot will create a Dashboard for it.

Here you can view and interact with your data in a way that can't be done in Discord. As a result, you may find that the Dashboard has more functionality and more configuration options. Statroles are an example of something that cannot easily be set up in Discord and so the Dashboard is the only place to create them.


First, a quick note that will answer some burning questions. Statbot's website "homepage" is currently the Statbot server's Dashboard. If you access the base site When logged in, you will instead be redirected to your /me page explained below.

Statbot's Dashboard has some special exceptions made for it that allows a set list of approved members' data to be visible to the public (people who are not in the server). All of these members have agreed to this.

This is atypical. Member data will always be restricted to only other members in the server even when the Dashboard Access Level is set to Public.

Logging In

Like many bots, Statbot uses your Discord account to authenticate you and check your permissions in a given server.

To login, click "Login" at the top-right of the website; or navigate to

You know you're logged in when you see your username in the top-right where the "Login" text once was. Clicking here will reveal a menu with som quick navigation and user settings.


Statbot will temporarily remember your login using a cookie. If you're blocking cookies then it will not be able to do so and you will need to log in every time you access the site. For heightened security, the cookie will occasionally expire so you will have to log back in from time to time.

User Settings

Users have a limited amount of settings available to them. These can be viewed by clicking their username / avatar in the top-right of the website after logging in. There is a shortcut to your /me page, quick access to toggle User Privacy, a link to your premium Subscriptions, and an option to Logout.

There's also a notification bell that will alert you of important updates like changes in status of your Subscriptions or progress of a recent User Privacy toggle.

Your /me Page

After you log in, you will be redirected to your /me page. This is the landing page whenever you access the homepage while logged in.


This view shows all the servers that you are in that also have Statbot.

At the top of the page are 3 toggles to more easily find the server you want:

  • My Servers: Servers that you own.
  • Servers I Admin: Servers that you have the Administrator Discord permission in.
  • Other Servers: Any other servers that use Statbot.

Servers are ordered by order of the toggles, so servers that you own will always be at the top of the list.

Clicking on a server's icon will take you to its Dashboard.


In the future, the /me page will only contain servers that you have permissions to view.

Server Dashboard (Overview)

The Dashboard is split into several sections which show as sections in the sidebar. The server's data is divided between these views to make it easier to find what you need.

Who can view a server's Dashboard is controlled with the Dashboard Access Level setting explained in the next part of this guide, 5. Common Settings.

Some sections, like the Drilldowns and Settings page, will only show to members that have special permissions to access to them. More about these are explained later.



Common across the site are icons like that you can hover and click for more information about a particular setting or view.

These tooltips will often give you the same information that you'll find in these docs without the need to come here every time. These can be very useful when you forget about the specifics of settings.

They will often contain important information so make sure to keep an eye out for them!

Manager Roles (RBAC)

One of the advanced features of Statbot is "Manager Roles" on individual settings. These are roles that will be allowed to change the setting set on. On the Settings page, you'll see the following icons which are related to this:

  • - No Manager Roles are configured to for this setting.
  • - Manager Roles are configured to for this setting.
  • - Change the Manager Roles for multiple settings.

The topic of Statbot's RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) for configurations is outside the scope of this guide and covered in the RBAC section of these docs. If you are new to the bot, we suggest that you finish the reading this guide first.

Server Dashboard

Depending on the public settings of a server and your own permissions, you may not be able to view a server's Dashboard. Attempting to view a private server will send you to the 404 page, This is same as what would happen if you tried to view a server that doesn't use Statbot.

Member data is hidden to any non-members of a server, even when that server's Dashboard Access Level is set to Public. The only exception is Statbot's server which has a list of members who have agreed to have their server data publicly visible for it. The Dashboard Access Level setting will be covered in the next section, 5. Common Settings.

All graphs on the Dashboard have an icon in the top-right that allows you to download an image of the graph and a .csv of the data in it.

A small tip is that you can hover over members and channels to get their Discord ID. This is useful if you looking to filter a member out of stats since member filters in Statbot currently only accept Discord IDs.


Statbot records data to UTC (Universal Coordinated Time).

When Precision is set to Day, the Dashboard will start each day from 0:00 UTC.

When Precision is set to Hour, the Dashboard adjusts the time of the data to your local time.



The Home screen is a brief overview of many stats of the server and is the only dashboard page that shows Memberflow (member count of the server over time). This is also where the Description and Invite settings are displayed.

The Activity graph will only show if the server has Activity Tracking configured.


Graphs will be blank (or contain a single point) for up to 24 hours after you invite the bot, or if your Lookback is set to 1 day.

Message & Voice


The Message and Voice pages offer more detailed views of the channel and member statistics.

Each contains the same line graph from the Home page, with a "Top Members" list of up to 50 members, and a "Top Channel" list of up to 500 channels. There are also pie charts that display the same data in a percentage-based view. You can hover over the pie charts for some more information about the slices.

In the top-right of these pages is a toggle for the heatmap which is made accessible through the Precision upgrade since they require hourly data. The heatmap uses hourly data to generate a view that you can use to pinpoint high density areas of activity.



The Presence page is the only one that contains Status (Online, DnD, Idle, Offline) stats. It will also show any Activity stats in a Tree Graph where each block is the amount of minutes proportionate to the other activities.

If there is no Activity Tracking configured, Administrators will instead see a message informing them of this and a button to take them to the relevant Settings section.

This page is one of the places where the Precision heatmap shines because of the very consistent data. In the short-term, it can help you see the time of day you have the most members online. At much longer views achievable with the History upgrade, you can see the impact certain events such as game patch releases or world events have had on the overall presence of your members.

Drilldowns (Premium)


(Note: This picture is of the Member Drilldown update currently accessible in beta.)

Drilldowns are the ultimate Discord stat experience. They offer a highly customizable experience when viewing the activity of members and channels.

As mentioned previously, settings for general stats like Lookback and Channel Filter do not affect other Statbot features. This includes the Drilldowns. You are able to tune these views to exactly what you need to see.

For this guide, we'll briefly discuss each Drilldown as it relates to using the Dashboard.


The Settings page is where you'll find all of Statbot's settings. It will generally offer the best experience when configuring settings and contains some settings that are too complex for the bot. You can find a matrix on where you can configure settings in the settings section of these docs.

In addition to links to the server's Dashboard and to the Premium upgrades page, the sidebar contains categories of settings:

  • General: Bot and Dashboard settings.
  • Stats: Settings that control what you see in general stats.
  • Statdocks: The view of all the server's channel counters and host to the powerful Statdock configurator.
  • Statroles: The view of all of the server's roles controlled by Stats and host to the slick Statrole configurator.
  • Permissions: Accessible to only Privileged users. A single view for all of Statbot's various access controls.
  • Audit Log: A log of all the changes to Statbot settings, who made them, and when.
  • Subscriptions: Visible to only the server owner, shows all the subscriptions for the server (without the user who is paying for them). If you need to modify your own subscriptions, you can do that on your own Subscriptions page.