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Setting Up Statbot


Stats only start tracking from the time you invite the bot, not before. Non-message stats must be tracked real-time. Stats may take up to 15 minutes to display in commands and the dashboard.

Keep following this guide and you'll definitely have stats by the end!


Message, Voice, Status (online, dnd, idle), and Member Count stats all start tracking immediately with no setup. Just wait a few minutes from your first message or voice minute to see it show in your server's new and shiny dashboard. You can find a link to your server's dashboard on your Me page.

The only tracking that needs to be configured is tracking Activities (games, applications, etc.) which will be covered in part 4. Website Dashboard.

Running Your First Command

To make sure the bot is functioning correctly, run the s?help by typing it in a channel the bot can see.

If the bot is not responding and you're sure it has the correct permissions, or you have any other questions, you can contact us for help in our support server.


When selecting a channel, the bot will show in the members list on the right-hand side if it can also see that channel (demonstrated below). If you cannot see the bot, then check to make sure it has the Read Messages and Send Messages Discord permissions and that the channel has no overwrites blocking them.


Statdocks (Channel Counters)

Statdocks are Statbot's channel counter solution and provides the best experience out of any alternatives.

If you want to start with preset counters, all you need to do is run the s?counter setup command. After you confirm, the bot will set up the most common counters for you! It will also give you a bunch of tips to help you get the most out of Statdocks.

You can create more preset counters with s?counter create. s?counter create custom will give you more options and the ability to make counters with custom names.

If you want even more customization, such as custom names or timezones, the dashboard has more than twice the features the bot has for Statdocks including even more counter types and the ability to add multiple counters to one channel!

You can read more about Statdocks under the [Statdock] section of these docs.


s?counter is an alias for s?statdocks. You can see many more command aliases with the s?alias command and at the bottom of every command's s?help page which we'll explore in the next section.

Statroles (Automatic Role Giving and Removing)

Statroles assign and remove roles automatically based on your settings! A member gets and keeps the Discord role so long as they meet the requirements of the Statrole. When they no longer meet the requirements, the bot removes the role. This makes this the perfect system for rewarding your consistently active members!

A Statrole has many settings available to it in the form of Conditions. Conditions come in the form of Message, Voice, Activity, Joined Age, Account Age, and other Statroles. There is also a special Match condition for grouping the others with AND / OR logic.

Because Statbot stores historic data, a new Statrole will instantly have access to those historic stats. This means that the bot can modify members' roles as you create or change Statroles giving you the freedom to test different settings and tune them all without having to worry about losing weeks or even months of data.

You can read more about Statroles under the Statroles section of these docs.

Common FAQ

Why don't I see any stats?

If you recently invited the bot, you should see your hard-earned stats flooding into your dashboard within a half hour!

Also remember that it takes two points to make a line on a graph. Because Statbot shows stats daily by default, it may take up to 24 hours for your graphs to start showing lines. You should still see a lonely point and the top tables should begin populating!

How to stop Statbot from tracking channels?

First, make sure that Statbot doesn't have the Administrator Discord permission. Then deny the bot the Read Messages (for text) and See Channel (for voice) permissions for the channels you don't want tracked.

You can also filter channels which allows you to hide them from your general stats while still keeping them tracked for other features! We'll talk more about this in part 5. Common Settings.

What timezone is stats in?

All graphs in Discord commands are in the UTC which is the timezone GTMยฑ0. A "day" on the website is also determined by UTC, but the website will move the data point depending on your timezone.ยน We plan to have a setting for this in the future!

Can I see stats older than 14 days?

Yes! This is controlled by the Lookback setting which is covered in part 5. Common Settings, you can change this up to 30 days for free and even use a specific date to "soft reset"!

Channel Counters? Role Giving?

Statdocks (channel counters) and Statroles (stats-based roles) are powerful tools for communities to make the most of their stats. After you get comfortable with Statbot, you'll definitely want to make use of them!