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Statdocks - Counters


  • Activity Members: Members in the server interacting with a list of activities. Activities you list here must be exactly what Discord displays. You can use the show activity command on a users interacting with the activity to get the name.

  • Activity Type Members: Member in the server with certain statuses: Playing, Streaming, and Listening.

  • Channels: Count of channels in the server.

  • Countdown / Timer: A countdown to a specific date and time. Can be configured to show any combination of Minutes, Hours, and Days. Omitting a lower timeframe will exclude it. Has a preview box that you can use to see what it will look like. "End Text" will replace the entire channel text when the countdown is complete.

  • Date & Time: Shows date and/or time. Allows advanced formatting with dayjs and dayjs extended. Has a preview box that you can use to see what it will look like.

  • Members: Count of members in the server.

  • Members with Status: Count of members with specific Discord statuses (Online, DnD, Idle, Offline) in a server.

  • Members in Role: Count of members in roles. Additionally can specific a status and it will only display members in that roles with those statuses.

  • Roles: Count of roles in the server.

  • Voice: Count of members in voice channels. Can "Whitelist" / "Blacklist" channels or leave blank for all channels.


Countdown / Timer is for time and not the same as Countdown From / Goal which is explained below.

Premium Counters

These Counters require the Statdocks+ premium upgrade. The fastest Check Frequency you can set on them is 1 Hour (although you can update them on-demand with the statdock update command).

  • Stat Count: Sum of Statbot stats.

  • Stat Average: Average of Statbot stats over time.

  • Stat Change: Change of Statbot stats from one time period to the next.

  • Stat Top: Top member or channel determined with Statbot stats.

  • Reddit Subscriber Count: Subscriber count of a public subreddit.

  • Twitter Follower Count: Number of followers of a public Twitter account.

  • YouTube Subscriber Count: Subscriber count of a YouTube channel.


YouTube Subscriber Count is rounded to, at most, 3 significant digits (e.g. 100k). This is a limitation of YouTube itself.

Countdown From / Goal

Countdown From / Goal is a special option that many counters have. Leaving this field blank will show the count from the counter. Filling in a value will subtract the count from that value. This allows you to have value-based countdowns to milestones.

Example: If the server has 8 users and set Countdown From / Goal to 10, the number shown on the Statdock will be 2.