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Statdocks - Settings Overview


The /counter command menu is analogous the the Website Editor so we'll cover the latter here.


The settings as they appear on the Website Editor and what they do.

Name (Optional)

The name displayed on the /counter Manage menu and Statdock Settings page. This will be a generic name when created through the bot.

Channel Text

The name of the channel that appears in Discord. Also where you will insert Counters.

Clicking on Counters here will open them up in the Builder where you can edit and save them. Any character Discord supports can be pasted into this field.


Discord does not support all emojis, sometimes dropping them entirely. Members of your server may also be running outdated operating systems that may not have access to the emojis you use. It's always good to check with people using different devices if the emojis you're using are displaying as you like.

Insert Counters

These menus will present you with the different options for Counters.

  • Presets — A set of preset options.
  • Builder — A menu of all Counters and options.

Some Counters in the Preset menu or /counter menus may redirect you to Builder because they can only be made there.


The /counter Custom Setup menu is equivalent to the Presets Menu but through the bot.

The /counter Advanced Menu is similar to, but not the same as the Builder menu.


This will allow you to preview your Statdock without creating it. "Test Text" boxes will appear for each Counter you add. Input expected values to see how they might appear.


The Preview is not perfect and cannot account for variations in devices, even within Discord's own app styling. It should at most be treated as a rough draft.


How often the bot will check for a change in Statdocks Counters. You may want to use less frequent updates to reduce audit log spam.


Servers without the Statdocks+ upgrade will have their counters update on a minute offset.

For example, a server with a 3-minute offset will have their counters update at 1:03, 1:13, 1:23, etc. The offset may not be the same for all Statdocks.

With Statdocks+, those same counters will update at 1:00, 1:10, 1:20, etc.

Statdocks+ also unlocks the 6 Minute Frequency interval.