Remember to use the bot prefix when running a command!

You can also use @Statbot instead of the server's prefix. Example @Statbot help

Below is a shortlist of all the bot commands.

Some Statbot features like Statroles and Manage Roles can only be configured through the dashboard.

Usage Key


You'll see this at the top of many of the command pages so you don't have to memorize it!

For commands that accept input, you'll see keys with the following:

  • <required> - parameters between <> must be included with the command
  • [optional] - parameters between [] are optional parameters and may be excluded
  • a | or | b - | means that you can use the parameters on either side of the symbol
  • repeat... - means that you can provide multiple parameters as input

These may be nested.

Example 1: [parameter...] means that parameters are optional, and that the you can provide any number of parameters.

Example 2: <a | b> means that you must provide either a or b.

Example 3: [a <b>] means that the input is optional, but if you provide a then b is also required.