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Settings - Overview


This section goes in-depth on all settings. You can find a simple explanation of the most common settings in the Getting Started guide.


Settings that control how the bot responds to commands.

PrefixManage the prefix used for bot commands in the server.*s?S?
Show Command ErrorDisplay error if command not found when using s?prefix commands.ON

* s?prefix commands can be disabled if you prefer to only have /slash commands.


Settings that control the default Dashboard Filters and the stats that are used for bot commands.

LookbackDetermines the start time of stats.14 days
IntervalSets the default Interval setting for Dashboard Filters.Day
TimezoneControls the timezone stats for the server show as.UTC (GMT+0)
Activity FilterControls which Activities (games, applications) appear in stats.
Users & Bots FilterControls if bots / users appear in stats.Users
Channel FilterControls what channels appear in stats.
Member FilterRemove members from showing in stats.
Role FilterControls what members appear in stats based on roles they have.
Voice StatesControls which voice states that will appear in stats.All


Settings that control how the bot tracks data (where possible).

Activity TrackingControls if activities (games, applications) are tracked.*OFF
Verify ActivitiesControls if Statbot validates during Activity Tracking.ON

* This is not related to the tracking of message, voice, or any other data. Those are always tracking.

Data Management

Special administrative features for moving data.

Aggregate Channels*Special channels that you can merge stats from others into.

* Aggregate Channels can only be managed through the Dashboard.


Settings for managing access to Statbot stats and features.

Command Access LevelControls members' access to commands.*All
Command ChannelsControls channels that commands can be used in.
Dashboard Access LevelControls who can view the server's Dashboard.*Admin Only
Elevate Manage ServerTreats members with Manage Server as though they had Administrator.*ON
Allow Higher StatroleAllow members to select a role higher than their own when editing Statroles.OFF
Role PermissionsGrants management access and overrides based on member roles.

* The "Access Level" settings can be override with Role Permissions.