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Settings - Overview


This page goes in-depth on all settings. You can find a simple explanation of the most common settings in the Getting Started guide.

Additionally, the term "Admin" is interchangeable with "Privileged Users".



You can click on a setting to jump to its doc entry.

Command Access LevelControls how members can use commands in the server.
Command ChannelsControls what channels commands can be used in. Privileged Users are not affected.
PrefixThe prefix used for bot commands in the server.
Show Command ErrorDisplay an error message when the bot prefix is used but no command is found.
Show Command HeaderDisplay informative text at the top of many stats commands.
Show Command AdditionsDisplay additional time frames with some stats command.


Dashboard Access LevelControls who can view the server's dashboard.

Stats - Time

Graph SmoothingFor line graphs, whether or not to show data points that are 0.
LookbackDetermines the start time of stats shown on the dashboard and bot commands.
PrecisionWhether data points on graphs are by Day or by Hour.

Stats - Filter

ActivitiesControls what Activities (games, applications) appear in stats on the dashboard and bot commands.
Bots & UsersControls which members will appear in stats on the dashboard and bot commands.
ChannelsControls what channels appear in stats on the dashboard and bot commands.
MembersControls what members appear in stats on the dashboard and bot commands.
RolesControls what members appear in stats on the dashboard and bot commands based on roles they have.
Voice StatesControls which voice states that will appear in stats on the dashboard and bot commands.

Stats - Tracking

Activity TrackingControls if activities (games, applications, etc) are tracked.

Stats - Channel Management

Aggregate ChannelsChannels that can have deleted Discord channels' stats merged into.


Elevate Manage ServerMake members with the Manage Server permission Privilege Users.
Allow Statrole Above User RoleAllow members to select a role higher than their own when editing Statroles.


Drilldown RolesControl what members that can the Drilldowns based on their roles.

Location Matrix

This table shows where you can set what settings between the bot and the dashboard. Empty means you cannot access that setting through that means. "Settings Page Category" refers to the left-hand sidebar on the server's Settings page you can find the setting.

Bot CommandSettings Page Category
Command Access LevelcommandlevelGeneral
Show Command Errortoggle commanderrorGeneral
Show Command Headertoggle commandheader
Show Command Additionstoggle commandadditions
Command ChannelscommandchannelsGeneral
Dashboard Access LeveldashboardlevelGeneral
LookbacklookbackStatsShow Command Error
Graph Smoothingtoggle smoothStats
Channel FilterchannelfilterStats
Member FiltermemberfilterStats
Voice State Filtertoggle voiceStats
Bots & Users Filtertoggle users / toggle botsStats
Role Filterwhitelistroles / blacklistrolesStats
Activity FilterStats
Activity TrackingStats
Aggregate ChannelsStats
Elevate Manage ServerPermissions
Allow Statrole Above User RolePermissions
Drilldown RolesPermissions